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Yuncheng City Council for the promotion of international trade helps enterprises to go abroad and

Issuing time:2020-07-13 16:55

On July 6, 2020, Zuo Zhiping, President of Yuncheng Trade Promotion Association, and Zhu Xinling, Minister of external relations department, came to Yuncheng Qinghai science and Technology Co., Ltd. to have a discussion and docking with Zhao Shuhai, the person in charge of the enterprise. Zhao Shuhai introduced the development of the enterprise to the president. This docking of CCPIT mainly understood the patent name of "Shubao" and "Shubao" invented by the company Patent No.: 2016210512180) is a device to ensure plant survival in drought period. The principle is: burying "Shubao" in the root of the plant to collect rainwater. The rainwater is collected into the water storage container of Shubao. During the drought period, it will volatilize into the soil through the net cover to maintain the soil moisture and maintain the plant survival. After the water storage container is filled with water, it can volatilize for 2-5 months. It was successfully developed on July 20, 2017. Experiments have been carried out in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places, and obvious results have been achieved. At present, there are many models, which are suitable for different environments and different plants. It has applied for patents from China, the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, Eurasia, Europe, Africa and other countries, covering 72 countries. The Australian patent application has been authorized, and 16 patent applications have been filed for improvement in the follow-up research and development process. It can be used for afforestation in barren mountains, desert control, landscaping, mine ecological restoration, fruit tree feeding, fruit and vegetable cultivation, greenhouse fruit cultivation, accelerating fruit ripening, and increasing fruit yield. It is an ideal product for improving ecological environment, reducing groundwater exploitation, reducing water conservancy investment, reducing fertilizer use, developing organic dry farming, increasing agricultural income and poverty alleviation, With low cost and simple installation, it provides a new technical means for a large number of economic crops in arid areas. It can be called a revolutionary invention and has the international leading level. The exhibition in Africa has caused a reverse trend and attracted the attention of Agricultural Organization officials of the United Nations. The paper was included in the proceedings of the World Conference on desertification control and won the highest award of the 24th China Yangling agricultural high tech achievements Expo "Houji special award" won the excellent award of the second national sand industry innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

Zuo Zhiping, President of Yuncheng Trade Promotion Association, listened carefully to Zhao Shuhai's explanation and asked about relevant questions. He said that he would strongly support the technology to go international. He immediately held specific consultations on opening up Australian and African markets. Next, he would further bridge with other countries to make this technology go to the world and benefit mankind!

Since its invention in 2017, "Shubao" has carried out a large number of experiments in arid areas, desert areas, barren mountains afforestation, melon and fruit cultivation, precision poverty alleviation and other fields, and achieved satisfactory results.

This is the shape of Shubao. Experts say Shubao has added a "stomach" and a "lung" to the plant

"Shubao" won Australian patent certificate

This is a walnut tree which has been installed Shubao for 2 years. On the right side, it is installed, and on the left side, it is not installed. The growth contrast is very obvious.

The Zanthoxylum bungeanum trees installed Shubao also showed obvious advantages

Zhao Shuhai, the inventor of Shubao, often appears in the front line of poverty alleviation

This is Zhao Shuhai, the inventor of Shubao, who is teaching the villagers technology

FAO officials pay attention to Shubao

Zhao Shuhai won the title of science and technology innovation figure of Shanxi Province in 2019

Zhao Shuhai was selected as a talented person in Shanxi Province

The fruit of the tree with "Shubao" is big

Shubao is popular in Africa

Targeted poverty alleviation "Shubao" to rural areas

Shubao creates a new model of watermelon planting in arid area

Shubao watermelon grows vigorously in tudimiao village, Zhangcun Town, Pinglu County

Shubao watermelon planting mode is exported to Canada, which is the planting site of Canada

Watermelon Growth photos just returned from Canada

"Shubao" is used for urban greening, and the survival rate of trees is high

"Shubao" for afforestation in barren mountains

Ecological management of the Yellow River basin with Shubao

Desert control with Shubao

"Shubao" won the excellent award of sand industry competition

The winter jujube trees with Shubao are fruitful

Shubao can also be used for family flowers, melons and fruits

Using Shubao to develop organic dry farming

Zhao Shuhai on the cover of China today

To learn about Shubao, please call Yuncheng Qinghai Technology Co., Ltd. at 0359-3781058

"Shubao"will contribute to the development of agriculture and theconstruction of ecological civilization.


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