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Yuncheng agricultural technology "Shubao" export to Canada

Issuing time:2020-06-24 10:45

On June 23, 2020, a picture of the growth of Shubao watermelon was sent from Canada. Speaking of the planting of Shubao watermelon in Canada, we also need to start with a piece of news. On April 28, 2020, Zhao Wenyun, the first Secretary of the help team in tudimiao village, Zhangcun Town, Pinglu County, Shanxi Province, invited Zhao Shuhai, the inventor of Yuncheng, to teach the villagers his new scientific and technological invention, Shubao ”Help plant growth technology. "Shubao" is a new technology that can promote plant growth without building water conservancy facilities. It has two main functions: one is to ensure plant survival in the dry period, the other is to promote plant growth. The principle is to collect and preserve rainwater, volatilize to the soil in the dry period, maintain the soil moisture, so as to ensure the survival of plants. In addition, because of its use of invalid rainfall, plus the unique function of air permeability of the device, it has a greater role in promoting plants. Over the past two years, the plants used have grown vigorously, which is an ideal product for targeted poverty alleviation and economic development in arid areas. This invention has applied for an international patent, and has been authorized by Australia. It has won the "Houji special award" which is the highest award of China Yangling Agricultural Hi Tech Expo. It is a revolutionary invention that saves water, saves fertilizer, has small investment, and has great effect. It is especially suitable for use in dry areas.

Tudimiao village is located in an arid area, without irrigation conditions. Water is the main factor restricting the economic development of the village. Due to drought and lack of rain this spring, crop yield reduction has become a foregone conclusion. Zhao Wenyun, the first Secretary of the village, looked at it and worried about it. He thought that the masses should solve the fundamental problems as the starting point. With years of professional knowledge and experience in water-saving work, he tried to explore water-saving technology and decided to demonstrate the planting of trees and watermelons for the villagers. In fact, Zhao Wenyun introduced Shubao watermelon planting technology when he was the first Secretary of Xinbao village, Caochuan Town, Pinglu County in 2019. In the case of drought last spring, Shubao watermelon obtained a good harvest, and the pepper tree installed Shubao also grew strongly, finding a way for farmers to become rich. This year, he introduced this technology to tudimiao village, and invited Mr. Zhao Shuhai to tell the villagers about the principle of "Shubao" and the experimental effect of "Shubao" for more than two years. The villagers listened attentively, and watched the demonstration of installing Shubao under the prickly ash tree and the operation process of planting zucchini with Shubao. Some villagers immediately indicated that they would adopt it.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the demonstration planting, Zhao Wenyun planted the watermelon by himself. The villagers were very moved to see the first secretary's actions, and helped one after another. They planted 1500 watermelon seeds in a day, introduced a new watermelon planting mode of drought and flood protection to the village, and planted "Hope" for the sustainable development of the village's agricultural economy.

This news was known by Ms. sun, a Chinese from far away in Canada, and she became very interested in it. So she contacted Zhao Shuhai, the inventor of "Shubao". She hoped to promote this technology in Canada. After express delivery, "Shubao" arrived in Canada. Ms. sun could not wait to plant watermelons in her small yard. Meanwhile, she contacted with the local farm and planted them on the farm. 2020 On June 22, 2005, the watermelon grew well. "Shubao" has applied for Canadian Patent. This organic dry farming technology invented by China will blossom and bear fruit all over the world!

Mrs. sun's courtyard

Her yard is planted with shubaowatermelon

A small tree is also equipped with "Shu Bao"

On May 31, a watermelon named "Shubao" was planted on a farm in Canada

Water "Shubao" after planting

Viewed on June 22, watermelon is growing well

On April 28, Mr. Zhao Shuhai was explaining the principle of "Shu Bao" to the villagers in the village where the first secretary is located

Installation of "Shubao" demonstration

The villagers are enthusiastic about learning

10 nests of watermelons around a "Shu Bao"

The first secretary grows watermelon

Using "Shu Bao" to grow watermelon can save water and fertilizer, which is an ideal product for developing organic dry farming

A cart of water per mu of land is enough in the dry period

Viewed on June 22, the growth is strong


Shubao watermelon can be planted under the forest


This is the Shubao watermelon planted under the pear tree


This is the Shubao watermelon planted under the Zhongyang walnut tree in Luliang


This is Shubao watermelon planted under jujube tree in Qikou, Luliang



Last year, the first secretary planted the Shubao watermelon in Xinbao village of Pinglu County, which brought real economic benefits to the villagers.



You can also grow melons on the balcony

To learn about and consult "Shubao", please call "Shubao" hotline: 0359-3781058

"Shubao"will contribute to the development of agriculture and theconstruction of ecological civilization.










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